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Water management from the ground up, and down again

We’ve been at the forefront of product and solution innovation for over 50 years, allowing us to provide systems which meet and exceed your project requirements. Where there’s a challenge, we have the solution.

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Terrain FUZE

Our high-performance drainage system performs significantly better than more traditional materials when tested for impact and abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion and extreme temperatures.

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Terrain Fabrication Service

Our industry-leading drainage solutions can be custom fabricated to not only meet the individual needs of your project, but to reduce everything from on-site installation times to leftover waste and overall costs.

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Terrain Firetrap

Our comprehensive range of high-performance sleeves and collars provide up to four hours of fire protection and can be used with Polypipe soil and waste systems.

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Terrain P.A.P.A.® (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator)

Our unique device has been designed to mitigate the effects of positive air fluctuations in drainage pipework systems. By increasing the flexibility of layouts, it saves costs in materials and installation too.

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Terrain dB12

Our easy-to-install pipe system designed with acoustically engineered fittings, making it an ideal solution for noise and vibration in soil and waste pipework, especially in large, multi-occupancy buildings.

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Terrain PVC Soil & Waste

Our PVC Soil and Waste products represent the industry benchmark for quality, installation, flexibility and product innovation.

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Our geocellular system has been created to manage surface water at the source. Its strength and integrity allows it to be designed into pavement structures and it’s ideal for use on roofs.

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Rainstream Tank

Our bespoke water tanks are of exceptional stiffness and integrity, which means they can be transported and installed quickly and efficiently.

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Our range of high-quality ventilation systems have been designed and manufactured for commercial applications, drastically improving air quality and comfort.

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Our genuine solution to an age-old problem. By replacing the brass stopcock, you turn off the mains water supply at the flick of a switch.

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Terrain Siphonics

Our advanced drainage system provides rapid and highly efficient removal of water by literally sucking it away, creating a flow capacity of up to ten times greater than an equivalent gravity-fed system.

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Terrain Flow Control Outlet

Our flow control solution intercepts rainwater at source, reducing or removing the necessity for conventional below ground attenuation storage tanks.

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